Girls, have you ever told a guy you were dating that you had a one night stand, how did he react, had you had sex with the guy you were dating yet?

Yeah I asked the question, I am interested In the guy's reaction particularly.


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  • We started out as FWB, then became an official couple. While we were still just FWB, and start to fall for each other, he told me about his ONS, so it was only fair that I admit mine. He reacted as if I told him I'd drank a soda. It was no big deal to him.

    • ☺️ that's a cool story.

  • I tell all of my one night stands that they're the first. I then remind my date about our agreed upon "donation" right before I proceed to perform expert filletio.

    • I mean a guy that you've been dating not just a ONS, do you tell him. Sounds like you pretty much tell a falsehood without remorse 😞
      *Fellatio in English, I hope the oral was better than that spelling.

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