I'm, uh, having trouble?

I'm not sure if this is the right site to go to? But I'm really desperate. I've been really feeling like I should come out of the closet lately... I'm not sure why, but... I am. I always told myself that once I got a girlfriend, I'd come out for sure, and that's still the case. But now I've never had one... But I still feel the need to come out. It's making me feel like a stranger in my own house. Please help... Or maybe suggest a site that could?


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  • Honey... come out :-) I can't say I know how that is so I can't offer much advice, but it seems to be hurting you the fact of not doing it, so you'll eventually have to and you're young yet not so young as to not be able to make your own decisions right?

    • Yeah, but my parents will freak. They're very traditional. They'll say I'm making the wrong choice (and they won't listen to me when I say it's not a choice) and that as long as I'm there I have to be straight blah blah blah. They're not supporting people. I'm scared to come out even though I'm dreading staying in. I guess I'll just wait until I'm 18... Not much they can do then

    • Maybe they are not as traditional as you think about this. Maybe, even if it's hard for them, they understand. It is your choice to tell them when and how you want to. If possible, I would advice that you talk to a friend about how you feel telling them and maybe that friend can support you, help you prepare, etc. The time will come and if you feel like it, you will tell them. Just don't stay in because you're scared. You have the right to live your life as you want and you're doing nothing wrong :).

      Good luck!

      ps: thanks for mho!

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  • Are there any GBLT clubs in your area? You could try going to one and meeting some people. I'm sure they can help with this difficult and emotional time. Also try Google. There are thousands of sites with resources.

    • I'm on a really short leash with my parents right now, so it'd be very difficult to be able to go to one without them knowing... And yeah, I've been searching google for a while now /: Thanks, though... I'd definitely try that if it weren't so hard /:

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    • Even if there were, I couldn't go to any of them without them knowing. I'm not allowed to drive.-.

    • Oh, I forgot I already replied to this and mobile doesn't make it very easy to see before I hit reply again.-. Sorry about replying twice. But thanks

  • My sister is gay and she wrote my mom a letter i believe. you might wanna try that. you get to explain and you get distance so its easier. regardless you're very brave to do this, so good luck!

    • I've thought about that... I've even thought of being corny and baking a cake where the insides are rainbow and writing something cheesy on top like "Your support would really be icing on the cake!" But idk. It'd probably piss them off.