Are we dating or are we "just friends"?

Me and this guy have been talking for a while. We worked together for almost a year and to be honest i hated him until May. We started talking and we hung out for the first time in June. He asked me to go out with him later on in June and even wrote me a note and stuck it on my car. since then we've hung out a lot and some were dates and some weren't.. at least i don't have clarity on them being dates... we established in like late July that were both really into each other but nothing happened. I moved into college in late August and he came up to visit me (hes a year younger so a senior in high school) and that was pretty nice cause he didn't have a ton of time that day but he drove 45 min to see me. We've never held hands or kissed even though I feel like he wanted to. We text literally everyday and the days we don't he'll text me the next day apologizing for not texting me, which he has a really busy life so I completely understand. But I really don't know what we are when other people ask him he tells them he really likes me but were still not official or anything... please help does anyone know whats going through his head?


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  • It sounds like you're dating and not just friends. I think he likes you a LOT by the sound of it but he might not be sure how you're feeling. Have you made your feelings clear too? Maybe on a next date you should say something that implies that you really really like him so he can know. You'd be surprised to find that not all guys are quick on the physical stuff. I think this has more to do with him not knowing your intentions than anything else.

    • He asked me in July how I felt and I told him I really liked him a lot. But he could still be questioning it I'm not really that great at expressing my feelings.

    • He might want some confirmation again then.

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  • You are clearly not in a committed relationship, so it is safe you say you aren't "dating" by the traditional definition. You are going on dates, but it is not specified that it is exclusive. I would consider you two to be 'seeing each other', which implies a lot less 'official' commitment than 'dating'.

    If he is saying you two are not official, it is pretty clear that what is going through his head is that you two are NOT dating, though he is not ruling out the possibility of the relationship moving in that direction.

  • How do you hate someoine then turn aroiund and want him? Sounds like your dating but it sounds kind of strange also


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