Do you think that its a good thing to have criterias when dating?

Do you think that its a good thing to have criterias when dating? Like for exemple the guy need to have this four criteria for me to want to date him: tall, muscular, good job and owm car.

Do you have spesific criteria to people you want to date? And what are your thought about it?

Personally i dont have any criterias, but i think its fine to have it.


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  • I strongly recommend criteria. However, choose your criteria carefully because you can still get the tall musclar guy with the good job and car --- who beats you every night.

    So you see where I'm going right? The criteria list can get pretty long, and there are people who can actually match most of it!

    I think it is best to move forward with a "best match" approach. Imagine a guy who has 99 out of 100 things, but the missing one was that he wasn't tall (maybe just average height). You could throw away a real catch over 3-4 inches of leg and sinews.

    The pieces of criteria you absolutely must meet, call those "deal breakers" or "dealbreaking" criteria. Use two sets this way, one aiming for best match, the other is absolutely not allowed or must be met in some way. Obviously too many dealbreakers = no guys, so balance your goals carefully.


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  • Knowing what you are looking for in a match is fine. I just hate the word criteria. It makes it sound like you are checking off a check list before you will even look at a guy. It also makes it very hard for you to find a guy you will really love or will love you back. I mean it sounds to me like he has to be great looking and finacially successful before you will even consider him. So what if the guy meets 2 out of the 3 criteria but you have strong feelings for him? Are you looking for an older guy or do they have to be about your age? Dating in high school must have been rough because I can't think of very many guys that meet those standards still in high school. Don't get me wrong having standards is fine but I wouldn't limit myself to a check list.

    • What I posted was not talking about you I was addressing it like you had those criteria. It makes it easier to explain how I feel about it.

  • Criteria is good, but the wrong criteria is worst than non.

    All your criteria's are superficial and not very beneficial for your happiness.


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  • If you have no standards, it gives the impression you will date anyone, and that makes you look desperate. If you have too many standards it makes you look an a$$/b1tch and and no one will want to date you. Have a general idea of what you want and be flexible to variations.

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