What do you think she's sorta been ignoring me lately?

I'm in okinawa, I started messaging a local for about 2 or 3 weeks. Our first time meeting went great, after that we talk for about a week and she got busy I guess with work and it became messaging every few days. After 2 weeks she said she wanted to meet at this club but I was drunk and couldn't drive and said that I'd need to get a ride, didn't hear back for awhile and decide not to try to hard to get out if she was to busy to message back. She did later in still saying she wanted to see me but because of a curfew on island I could leave the place I was at. I explained that as well as letting her know I was heading to tokyo soon and I'd like to see her soon too. The next week I meet her and her friend late at night hung out with them and decided to head over to my friends place for the night since they both had been drinking. We got over there and started watching some movies I had my arm around her and laughed and joked around for hours. Eventually we were all getting ready to go to sleep her friend kept trying to get me and her to go to the spare bed together and she was going to take the couch but the girl I like wasn't going to do that but laughing about it the whole time. Eventually her friend took the bed and we both cuddled and slept together on the couch. When I woke up she kept on me and I her cuddling for a while longer till her friend woke up. I led them out and got a hug from them and goodbye since I was heading to tokyo the next day. While I was there she messaged me everyday and good conversation about all kinds of stuff. When I returned we go together the next day movie arm around her most of the night while walking, dinner and ice cream and gave her a gift from tokyo. At the end we were at her car and I went in for a kiss but she smile big yet didn't come in for the kiss instead when I went back she had me kiss both her checks. I had a couple messages with her since then she been saying she's busy it's been over a week what do you think about it?


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  • she really could be just busy i wouldn't worry about it be understanding give it a month if she's not replying back to you in a month then let it go to me i believe her when she says she's busy i think everyone goes threw this in a relationship or friendship with someone people become busy you carry a lot of responsibilities when your and adult so i do understand where she's coming from try skyping or video chatting her

    • Appreciate it, I've been told locals (japanese) take it slow but I know all girls are different I have patience I'm just worried about getting played, right before leave stateside I went through some rough times, any advise on what to do to try to get a date set up when she's not really messaging?

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