Does this seem cold or am I just an option?

Seeing a guy we are closer than friends with benefits and I asked him if he prefers to just stay friends with out the benefits , he replied not at this moment no unless I want to? Was this cold of him what do you think?

How do I reply to this? I don't want to end the benefits I just wanted to see how he felt about it
He said he couldn't stand the thought of us never staying friends no matter what ,


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  • Seems like he answered honestly, don't understand why someone will just want to stay friends without the benefits if they are getting a "benefit". It seems he likes the current situation you two have and doesn't want to change it.

    • We have been doing this for a year , I said when it ends we will only be online friends because we love 200 miles apart and we would never meet again and his reply was I don't know we other we would or not but I don't believe you could never say never.

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    • So are you saying that you kinda like him and gauging if he was willing to go to the next level since this has been going on for sometime now and this being long distance or you just growing tired of the long periods of not seeing each other or tired of being friends with benefits period?

    • I just thought maybe I meant a little bit more to him that's all
      But will
      Always stay friends

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  • You just stay friends with benefits and make a rule even if you two see other people


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  • Why would it be cold of him? He basically said that he'd prefer to keep things like this, you know, with the benefits. That's the exact same thing you want, right? So it's not cold. Otherwise, you'd be cold to him too.
    Just say something like "oh ok, good, I was just checking because I also want to keep things the way they are."

    • Yes your right but because we have been doing this for a year I maybe would've liked him to have said something a bit more warmer , it felt like he isn't bothered if it did end when it would bother me because he's more than a friend we are close

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    • Yeah true and thank you :)

    • He's the one who says he would like to come and chill out at my home and we don't need to have sex always