I'm the only kid in college?

What do I do?
I'm a freshmen in college and I feel like a robot.
I wake up, get up, workout, study, sleep, and repeat.
I don't smoke, do drugs, or have sex. But whenever I see other people I get extremely jealous that they're having a great time while I'm just working.
I'm starting to get depressed.
People say they respect my choices but in my head they don't understand what's happening. They say ur gonna get a good job and all. But then what? I got a job, now what do I do? It seems as though no one is like me.
For example, I told people that I'm a virgin they all laughed and said "that your wife probably had 10 other guys before you". This made me upset, not the fact that girls ( and boys too) are having sex, but the fact that it's hopeless. I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • I never lived at school and got a similar reaction when I admitted I was a virgin. I didn't care though, whats the point of having sex if you don't have strong feelings for each other? No point! so all those other people who are having sex, drinking and doing drugs, well they are at an experimental phase, well because everyone else is doing it. Its harder to stick to your own values and thats awesome you have been true to yourself and not following the crowd.
    I'm now grauduated from college and I'm still a virgin and I'm proud of that.


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  • You've basically described mine, and many other people's lives. You're not alone in this.


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  • You are oversharing obviously by how you just declared to EVERYONE that you're a virgin , no one needs to know that , which leads me to come to the assumption that you maybe a bit socially inept due to the choices you've made in life.

    Your life is filled with work and no joy , no social life , it's just work , study sleep, there's your problem.
    Break that cycle.