Why did my ex boyfriend block me on Facebook again when I didn't do anything?

I broke up with my boyfriend about three months months ago. He blocked me once on Facebook after we had a heated break up argument. After a few weeks, he contacted me again asking if we could clear things up. We both agreed on being friends again and then he unblocked me on facebook. Two months passed by, I haven't talked to him at all.

A few days ago, my friends have been playing an online game with my ex. My friend got annoyed of ex for trash talking her and the team; so she yelled at him. After that incident, my ex goes and talks to my friend's boyfriend and asks why she acted like that. Her boyfriend answers, "It's natural for her to hate you because you dumped T (me)." My ex got mad saying he hasn't done anything to me (which was true) and then decided to block me on facebook.

Why did he do that? I didn't interact with him for months! So confused guys.


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  • Because he's your ex, and he's free to do what he wants. Does he need anymore reason?

  • There is no reason for him to keep you in his life. Is there one? It doesn't really matter he blocked you.


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