Got clingy to new date. How to rectify damage?

Hi, I need some help from some female perspective.

There is this girl I met online. We have been texting back and forth casually for two days, not too much flirting and nothing too special. Just to get to know each other.
We finally had a Skype meeting yesterday and I felt that there was an instinct click* between us. Ever since that meeting, she started to disclose more information about her, she would send me selfies of herself and what she's doing. She also asked me to go to a football game with her the upcoming weekend. She even took a picture of her student ID to prove to me that she's a student at that particular university.

However, here's the problem. I wanted to show her that I'm starting to like her. We were texting each other and I sent a cute good night text with a teddy bear picture because she said she was going to sleep. For some reason, I felt that I should surprise her with a good morning text as well to show her that I'm thinking about her. I woke up at 5am and texted her a good morning text as well. Now it is 11am and I still have not heard anything back from her. (She has work at 10am, so I know she should have seen her phone by now.)

Unless, my text woke her up and she got really annoyed? I'm trying to stay calm and not let something like this to overtake my mind all day, but I feel that I messed up and am regretting that text. Is there anything I can do to rectify my damages so she will still go out to that football game date with me? (I'm planning on just waiting until 9pm tonight and re-text her to ask how her day is as if the whole morning text never happened.)


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  • just ignore her until she gets back to you about that football game.

    • What if she never gets back to me?

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    • so i finally found out that she didn't even get my text. But she did text me at 12pm which means she initiated talking to me herself after i said good night

    • oh nice! :D yeah see i had a feeling that was your case. it does happen, highly unlikely but it happened to you hahaa. and TyvM!:D

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  • She might just be busy. If I was you, I wouldn't text until you hear something back, because it might annoy her a little bit. Just take a deep breath and wait. It sounds like she might be developing feelings for you too.

  • Awwwww....this is so cute... I think it's nice. I think your idea is right, just harmlessly ask her, and pretend nothing has happened. Just don't apologize, that would make it awkward. If she doesn't reply then, just wait, giving the cold-shoulder should draw interest back :-)
    Honestly, perhaps she hasn't the messages. I switch my phone off at night, and sometimes forgetto switch it on, or she just didn't know what to answer to it and didn't want to do it when rushing to work.

    • Actually she wakes up at around 6am everyday. So 4 hours should have been enough time to answer a text. But you are right. I will try to wait, so that hopefully her interests are drawn back.

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  • First off, maybe she didn't get it? Texting isn't 100% reliable you know. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. STOP judging people and their feelings based on how fast they answer a text, or if they didn't answer it the way you like, etc, etc. Texting is lazy, and dehumanizing. Talk to her as a person! Use the phone for what it was intended to. TALKING to hear VOICES.

    • Sorry, you are right text is not reliable, but we are generation Y. A 19-years old girl today would feel awkward talking on the phone which is even worse. I know that this is a stupid rationale, but sadly, it is true, from my experience. Thanks anyways!

    • She feels awkward BECAUSE she doesn't talk on the phone. It's alien to these "generation Y" kids. But at the same time, it's the very thing that makes her feel awkward. Why talk when you text? Why see someone when you can face book? Get out in the real world, trust me. :)

  • one tip, women like it when you act like they dont mean shit to you, why_ i dont know but they do