have you ever tried so hard for someone only to find out you're not the one?

i'm just curious, because this keeps happening to me.

i've had incidences where i would be dating a guy, the stage before you enter a relationship, and i try so hard and it seems like the guy is too, only to end up with them ignoring me and stop talking to me and if ind out it's 'cause they were dating someone else and they chose them.

this incident or a similar incident has happened to me so many times i'm just tired of it. i'm not asking why it happens, i'm just asking if anyone has ever had a situation like this happen to them? what happened? if you don't mind sharing briefly :)


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  • Happens to me all the time. Its like I develop deep feelings for someone, but I get mercilessly friendzoned or rejected if I let her know, thereby shattering my hopes and dreams into a thousand pieces. :(


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  • I fell in love with someone, but I've decided not to act on it, or to tell them because they have interests in other people. I decided that I would rather stay friends than potentially lose them