The guys im currently dating has this particular crush? please read & answer?

my ex left me for a girl who looks like megan fox, he was always obssedeed with her,...

but now im dating a new guy he has a crush on this 'candice swanepeol"... i dont have a problem with but it get me all seriously concerned, he voted for her on maxim and keep bunches pic of her,...

but he is well eduacated and a nice guy but i always get a GUT feeling if a look alike candice swanepoel came along he would leave me the same way my ex did,...

im very worried (even if some of you guys think its light )... i dont want to be dumped for looks...

what should i do?


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  • Don't want to get dumped for looks?

    Solution: don't date shallow assholes.
    There will always be somebody more attractive than you out there, so you have to trust that the guy you're with likes you for you, and not JUST because you have a pretty face.

    • Oh what the fuck? I have to get a personality? THIS IS HORSE SHIT.

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    • Good day to you as well :)

    • that snow white is so cute,... and your option is true, i agree...

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  • lol only cause he crushes for one girl doesn't mean he will leave u for her. I also crush on anime charakters lol but I won't leave a current gf for it if it was real. if he goes for looks he will be the wrong guy anyways, am I right?

    • yes you are right...:)

    • candice could be a female blood elf from WoW lol, if she was purple haha

    • lol yes she is very fine girl...

  • What exactly do you mean he keeps pictures of her? If its one or two then whatever, but if he has more pictures of her than he does of you or himself then that begins to turn into a problem.

    • yesss! this is what i was hoping for someone to understand,.. yeah he keep a bunch actualy... my last ex had a megan fox obsession and left me for a megan clone... but yes instead i feeling insecure entirley i just get worried is all...

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  • Is that why you just asked what people thought of her? If someone dumps you just for looks, you don't want to be stuck with them anyway. Secondly... uh, the chances of some girl who looks like that chick trying to steal your man is slim to none.

    Don't obsess over celebrity crushes. We'd all look better with a professional make up team and photoshop.

    • yeah true it is a slim chance...

    • Thanks for the compliment QA you're very pretty too

    • aww thank you,.. hope you have a good day you :)

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