I setup a date with this awesome girl but I may have messed things up with some misplaced humor?

So I met a girl on Tinder last week and we really clicked, so I asked for her number so we could go out. We talked a little more the next day (3 days ago) and then I invited her to go to this indoor trampoline place, we're supposed to go out tomorrow. She's been really enthusiastic, she sent me pics, crazy joking back and forth,

And then I said something about what I like to drink and she said "Are you serious?" so I responded with "serious as cancer". She wasn't too cool with that, her mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer a couple months ago. I apologized, and she told me how strong her mom is, so I told her how her mom has a leg up because of what a badass she is, which she agreed with. But then that was it. Nothing else the rest of the night or the next day, which was completely opposite of the days prior. I texted her a pic of an event I was working Saturday and got no response.

But, she hasn't canceled on tomorrow's date, I'm supposed to pick her up, so I'm just going to text her tonight and ask for her address so I know where to pick her up tomorrow.

I would've replaced cancer with ebola or aids if I knew her mom had cancer.

Should I text tonight? Tomorrrow? Call?(I've never called her before)

I swear, sometimes I need to stay outta my head for a minute and let it be. She wasn't mad at me, she had some serious real world shit to handle.
Thanks for the great responses and encouragement! Just gotta believe in myself a little more


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  • Its not your fault that you didn't know her mum had cancer, aslong as you apologised (which you did) just move forward, give her a text tonight "where abouts am i picking you up for tomorrow?" and just wait for her reply, she will come around..

  • We all come down with foot in mouth syndrome occasionally (GOD I hope your mom doesn't have that it's JUST a joke)

    If she didn't cancel the date, she probably still plans on it. Just be extra charming, it'll blow over.

  • I don't think she should still be mad over it. Honest mistake, you didn't know. Maybe you should avoid jokes about diseases tho c:

    Yeah, stick with your plan. Apologize again if necessary.


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  • "so I'm just going to text her tonight and ask for her address so I know where to pick her up tomorrow."

    Try CALLING and apologize to her with your VOICE.

    • I already apologized, and besides, it's not like I knew her mom had cancer. Wouldn't it be better to move forward?

    • Yup, if you've apologized to her IN person, then it's time to move forward. If she can't do that, then you need someone a little more mature. I understand her being hurt about the cancer joke, but still, you didn't know. That would be enough for most people to give you a pass.