Guys how I stop being cute, and become sexy?

So I'm the sweet cute girl. I'm always the nice one or the good girl. That's how everyone sees me. But I'm tired of just being cute, I want to be sexy.
I'm not the tall beautiful model types that guys love, but I want to just feel special.
I'm really shy and quite. And I'm short, so everyone associates me with being young (even though I'm an adult). I just want people to take me seriously.
The other night I got really dressed up and my friends took me to a club. When a guy approached me he just told me I looked cute. Later that night my friend had a guy approach her and he called her things like sexy, and hot. It made me feel super ordinary.
my ex boyfriend only called me cute. I just want to be one if the cool mysterious types that everyone's attracted to. Not just the average basic girl everyone walked over.
Anyways, any tips on how to be cool and sexy, plus kick the sweet girl reputation would be good.


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  • Probably the way you dress, you can be dressing like a highschool girl. For words like "Sexy and hot" that comes with sexual desire and physical attraction. If you have a nice body, then you need to show it off in a way so guys look at you and want to have sex with you. Then you'll get words like "sexy" and "hot" thrown around.


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  • I think one of the key distinctions between "cute girls" and "sexy girls" is the attitude and confidence level. you mentioned that you're really shy and quiet, these are qualities that are generally associated with cuteness. It's possible to be short and sexy, but not if you see your shortness as a disadvantage. To become sexy, you must adopt a high level of confidence. it's not enough to act the part, you must adopt new habits and become completely comfortable with yourself.

  • There's nothing wrong with being cute me personally I will call a girl cute or beautiful before I call her sexy or hot because I respect her and see her more then a sexual object

  • Being cute is good. Girlfriend material. It depends on a lot of things. Your body weight, body shape, chest size, skin condition, etc.

    Just show us a photo of yourself, it will be easier to work around it.

  • NO! BE CUTE! Hot I'd limited for a time but cute is forever


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  • dress sexy. wear things that show off your body. think Jessica rabbit, not hello kitty.

    you don't have to be tall. I don't think height makes that much of a difference. just stop dressing conservative and show more skin. and don't let people walk all over you. be a bad bitch. don't be shy be confident

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