What are the reasons a guy in his early 20s who's never dated or had any experience with women would be overwhelmed by the idea of dating a girl?

Especially one he likes and how can he overcome it?

  • He's gay
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  • He's shy
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  • He's socially awkward
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  • He's nervous around women, especially those he likes
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  • He has a social disorder
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  • see I have never been like this until recently. There was this guy I really liked and Just the thought of meeting up with him made me almost pass out. The drive there I was so nervous I was shaking and scared I was going to crash. But basically you just have to force yourself and keep telling yourself "I need this!".

    I've now been seeing this guy since July 25th and just a few days ago I was able to bring myself to go to his house. Yes it's normal to be scared but you can't let that fear take over, because I get you it will all be worth it in the end. Good luck! :) <3

    • But you're a girl so it's ok as you don't have to take any of the initiative. But guys do.

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    • Because girls aren't expected to approach a guy for example and ask them out.

    • I'm sure girls have to try just as hard but it's more passive than active.

  • Message me, I'm shy as well.


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