What am I missing out on without a partner?

I've been singles for some time now. I don't mind it most of the time. Sometimes I think about being in a relationship and it sounds exhausting. Usually an hour later I stop being emo. Maybe I'm just not seeing the value of a good relationship. What could I be missing out on


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  • Well I'll list a few things
    1. General Companionship (while you can get this with a dog, a dog doesn't talk)
    2. Have someone to do something with whenever you want (well usually)
    3. Love while its hard to explain its good to know that you have someone that isn't family that loves you for who you are
    4 Cuddling is great (all women love cuddling) It feels great to get that physically close to anyone
    5 You have someone to see yourself with in the future
    if you want anymore reasons let me know message me if you want to talk about it more


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  • It could be that you're enjoying your life as a single person with rewarding social connections, and there's nothing wrong with that! No need to work towards involving yourself in a romantic relationship until you have found someone that is worth sharing your interest, and are willing to invest in the necessary time and energy.

    • I don't have strong social connections either. Making friends is probably higher in the list than a girlfriend for me. I'm not a loner per se, but quite introverted. I usually just keep to myself and when I realise that I've been alone for too long I go out and have a lot of fun at parties or sports events then go back home

  • What I love about a relationship is that its a deeper connection then any other. I crave intimacy. Thats something you can't really just have with anyone

    Honestly I envy you for being content single. I wish I could but im a sucker for love lol

    • I am content most of the time, but I also really crave some close connections sometimes

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