How to get senior girl to like me?

Im in 11 but i mostly hangout with senior guys but there is this girl that i like i really but she is a senior (also she was friends with my older sister who graduated) how to get her to see me as more than just a little brother... also please dont write stuff like age shouldn't matter.


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  • I'm 19 my boyfriend is almost 17, How'd he do it? He showed me he was mature, sweet, caring and trusting. He would always ask how my day was and every time I was upset he would always ask me to sit down and talk to him about it. He literally turned into my best friend and that's when I feel for him. Later just to find out that he liked me the moment he met me and it was all the ploy to get closer to me.

    Take time out of you day just to take to her and make her feel special.


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