The girl I like purposely hit me when I approached her but ended up talking to the girl next to her instead?

I got into a discussion about a shared hobby with a girl next to her instead of the girl i like when i tried to approach her, then half way through the conversation the girl i like hit me relatively hard and obviously purposefully in the leg and apologised quickly. Was she just trying to grab my attention or was she p*ssed off at me or... something?



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  • I think she was jealous... like really jealous. She was probably thinking what the hell? I thought he was into me... and in her confusion could not think of anything else to do but create a distraction... hittting your leg

    • can girls be jealous of girls they are friends with? i think usually she get's on really well with the other girl

    • yes they can, I've been jealous of a friend who of mine, she would get a lot of attention from guys, and I always wished I was a as pretty as her.

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