Guys and girls, if you turned up following meeting someone on an online dating site?

, and the person that you met up looked kind of the same their photos, but a bit bigger than you imagined (i. e a size 10 vs a size 10 for example), and 30-50% less attractive than their upclose of the face photos - how would you react? Would you just look at them and leave immediately, tell them that they are unattractive etc etc?

*I meant a size 10 vs a size 8 in my questions above! Apologies for any confusion caused.


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  • Happened to me once, only he was skinnier and shorter and worst dressed person I've ever seen.
    He became my boyfriend. Bad decision.

    It's rude to tell someone they are unattractive when they made time to see you. It's also rude to now show up at all. I'd probably just keep the date short.

    • Had he put up photoshopped photos or perhaps catfished you?

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    • Did it not make you feel uncomfortable that he mis represented himself, and therefore could have been dishonest about other stuff? dont worry if this is too personal a question to ask.

    • Back then I didn't think about photoshop at all. Maybe it was just the best pics he had (and guys who aren't narcissists don't take pics very often). anyway, I was at the beginning, but got quick over it because we had so much fun.

      Also, if you're a woman, you know that women who put selfies and the like on instagram are never too shy with the blurring tool and probably photoshop experts. my cousin looks like she has white milky skin and she's light brown IRL. So if anything, it's mostly guys who are deceived on the regular.

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  • I ll just have them as a friend. Nothing more.

  • Take the date... see where it goes. But would be cautious in deciding a second date or not.


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  • I mean you don't say it right away you don't say it at all unless you want to hurt they're feelings lol but I mean you can also give hints like oh you don't look anything like in your pictures *nervous laugh*

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