New guy in my life doesn't have a car. How do I address that its somewhat an issue for me?

This new guy I have been talking to for about a month now doesn't have a car. This is my first experience dealing with trying to date a guy without his own transportation. I am trying to be understanding but I also dont want him to take advantage of me and have me driving everything all of the time. I want him to take getting his transportation issue a little more seriously because it would be nice if he picked me up and took me out instead of the other way around but I dont know how to bring it up without sounding like a spoiled brat or a princess.


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  • Why doesn't he have his own transportation?

    • He told me that when he was younger he was reckless and stupid and got his license taken away but now that he's older all he has to do is go to the DMV, take a 4 hour class and then he can get his license back. Also, when he was driving, he said his mother was the one who totaled his car so his parents kind of owe him a new one. He's told me all this and I almost want to be like ok so what are you waiting for? Like I said before, I'm trying to be patient but I dont want to get taken advantage of

  • Maybe he can't afford it right at the moment. Just tell him it's an issue & if he has any backbone he'll get rid of you.

    • It has nothing to do with lack of money, that he assured me. And wouldn't he WANT to get a car, just for his own independence at least?

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