Message in the morning then gone for the day?

I have been dating this guy for around a month. He would ignore me the entire day and not reply my message then send me a sweet message in the morning. Or, he would reply me once in the morning and then ignore me for the rest of the day and then message me the next day. I know that he's not busy because he took off work. Why is that? is he leading me on? HELP!


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  • Well I do that sometimes, I hope she doesn't think I'm leading her on or toying with her feelings, but when I do do that, I genuinely am busy the entire day. I can't do anything about that, some days as way more hectic than others and other days are completely dead. So for me, I'm not leading her on or toying with her feelings, I'm just busy and I tell her I am if I find out ahead of time :)
    That being said, some guys do go ahead and do that with woman in order to lead them on and play with your feelings. I hope this is not the case for you

    • The other thing is, when I ignore him for the day and not get back to him... he would send me another sweet message later on the night and telling me to talk to him... what should i do now? What should i say to him? I was thinking to just tell him I'm going to bed

    • Yeah, be careful with this bloke. Honestly neither you and I could ever know what he's intentions are unless he tells you or you let time do its thing. Just play it safe and watch what he does more carefully. This could turn out to be like my case, he's simply busy, or maybe he is fooling around, don't rule either out unless your sure

    • What happened was I saw some girl posting a photo of herself on his Facebook page with a flirty caption. He liked it and comment on it. I was so angry when I saw it so I told him that basically I don't want to talk to him anymore. He asked me why and I told him that I feel really insecure and that I had enough of him ignoring me. He asked me why I feel insecure and he think it's not nice how I jumped into conclusion. Is he blind or thinks that I'm that stupid? It's not like I can't see that stuff on facebook. He's talking to someone else. I mean we are not in a relationship but he got me emotionally dragged into him and acted like it was going to into a relationship. The fact is, he is talking to someone else! I didn't even bother to reply him his text after he asked me that questions, I hope I did the right thing and I wouldn't regret! But I'm sad... :(

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  • that seems to be his style. Quite strange.


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  • I am having the same situation except my "friend" and I are not dating. I would confront him about it if you are worried. Do you message him back after he's real sweet?

    • Yes, when he sends me a sweet morning message I would reply him with a sweet message. Then, he would ignore me for the full day! Then next day, he would send me another sweet morning message. When I ignore him for the day... he would send me another sweet message telling me to talk to him

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    • Yeah, I stopped talking to him. I found out that he's been talking to this other girl. I told him how I feel and i can't believe he's still trying to keep me with him. I am upset but I decided to end this with him and find someone better. He's a jerk for leading me on and making me feel like it we will be in a relationship.

    • I know the feeling. I just wish I could take my own advice haha. Its like why let me get attached..