Should my boyfriend have offered me his shirt when we got caught in the rain and mine became see-through?

My boyfriend and I went on a 5 mile hiking trip this past weekend in Georgia. I'm not much of a hiker but I did it because I know he likes to hike. He told me to dress in cool clothes so I wore some light blue shorts and a white under armor shirt without a bra. I figured the white shirt would not attract heat and not wearing a bra would be cooler, I'm only a B cup so you really couldn't tell I was not wearing one and I made sure to check you could not see my nipples through it. Well I was not expecting the rain.

When we first started the hike it was very sunny out and it look like it was going to be a beautiful day. We got about 2 miles into it and it started clouding up and about another half mile it started pouring on us. Very quickly we were both drenched and my white shirt turned into a sheer shirt and you could see my boobs plain as day through it. We had no shelter to get under, all we brought with us was a few snacks and some water and that was not going to help me any. It only rained for like 30 minutes but it was enough to completely soak us and I had to hike back 2 miles with my boobs showing through my shirt. It was pretty embarrassing especially considering my boyfriend has never even seen my boobs. Every time another hiker past I tried to stay behind my boyfriend so they wouldn't see my shirt but I know at least one other guy saw because he kind of snuck up on us before I could get behind my boyfriend and he was staring straight at my boobs.

I didn't think about it at the time but later I was wondering why my boyfriend didn't offer me his shirt to wear. It was a yellow shirt that was still see-through but at least the extra layer could've helped me and it's no big deal for him to not wear a shirt.

Do you think it was rude for my boyfriend not to offer me his shirt? I'm starting to wonder now if he didn't because he wanted to keep looking at my boobs. Every time we stopped for a break I caught him staring at them.


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  • 1. He didn't think it would matter since you both were already soaked.
    2. Because you didn't say anything and weren't bothered by it at the time, neither was he. Why should he care if you didnt?
    3. He wanted to look at your boobs too.

    It would of been nice for him to have done that, but I can see why he didn't think too.

    • I mean I was a little bothered by it but what was I to do? It was like the big elephant in the room and everybody was looking at it but nobody was talking about it.

    • You should of talked about it and said it was embarrassing. It was awkward, but you can't be on his case about not offering when you weren't willing to ask him for his shirt. You're wishing he read your mind and offered. You need to tell him things and don't assume he will always know what to do or what you want him to do.

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  • Yes, he enjoyed your chest.

    Also, you were both soaked, he may not have as puritanical a sense of nudity as some people, and it very likely didn't even occur to him.

    Bottom line is, hiking a mountain, people don't expect you to be super prim and proper and covered up. I hike all the time, and you'll meet people changing into new clothes completely nude, sleeping in their underwear in a lean-to full of strangers, peeing in groups, wearing skimpy clothes due to the heat, you name it.

    In that social setting, a see-through, rain-soaked shirt is generally a non-issue, unless cold is a factor.

    It'very like;y it didn't even occur to him. Modern day teens don't exactly get training in Victorian remnants of chivalry.

    I think you're okay!

  • For him to walk around shirtless would be weird too. Don't you have a backpack that you could wear it in front to cover up?

    • No all I had was a water bottle and a Cliff bar in my pocket.

  • he want to see your BOO** in his shirt


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  • No your boyfriend was not rude to not give you his shirt. If he had taken off his he would have been shirtless.