Does he still want me?

my boyfriend and i dont hangout as much and i know why and im not upset about that but i feel like if were not going to hangout then we should be talking a little more the only time i see him is at school but other than that all we can do is talk or text and we barley do that. he doesn't tell me he doesn't want to be with me but i feel his actions are showing me. any advice would be nice. also some advice on how i can talk to him without him shutting out an not answering me. or some things you can suggest that we do


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  • You really need to talk with him. Make sure you tell him you just want the truth no matter what it is. If he wants to be with you but is having an issue you need to know and if you is avoiding you because he doesn't want to date you anymore you need to know. You should be dragged around like that.