Does he still like me or not interested anymore?

Ok, i'll make this short, he asked me out to meet for coffee,
always texted me called me sweety/gorgeous/blabla,
in my opinion the meet up went really good and he asked me he would want to do it again at the end.
I waited two days and he has gone MIA and so i messaged him 'thanks for Friday, you still wanna do something? :)'
he said he is quite busy but it would be good and never talked to me again... i just really dont know what i did wrong? :/


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  • Don't blame yourself for what's going on for all you know he's just found interest somewhere else... Maybe a ex girlfriend is back in his life or somebody he likes a lot and has been trying to get with for a while.

    Far as I can tell by what you said is he's just lost interest and you did nothing wrong you even said thanks and tried to further the experience by meeting again so don't put yourself down for that, that's good but maybe his interest went somewhere else and that's nobody to blame but him because after all were guys and we normally can only be interested in soo many people at a time.

    I wouldn't message him back or anything see if he tires to re-show interest withing the next week if that doesn't happen your better off moving on than being his second option.

    • thank you :) just wish he could at least say it didn't work out for him instead of giving mixed signals

    • guys are confusing sometimes and careless it happens I admit I've done it and I am pretty sure just about every guy has, we just can't focus on so much at once and whatever has our interest is usually what we focus on the most. I would just move forward and not blame yourself because I wish more girls were like you and would say thank you and ask to meet again.

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  • It seems like a cowardly rejection.

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