Did I just get friend zoned?

He tells me he's still interested in me but that he's working crazy hours right now to cover someone else so that's why I don't hear from him too often (MAYBE once a day) and then he told me how much of a sweetheart I am for understanding. I said "I am. Lol that's why I generally get screwed over." He said "Aww. Keep your head up."

Is that something that someone who is interested would say, or am I totally freaking out over nothing?


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  • I have found that many of today's toms are sporadic and unpredictable And quite often-------Terrible texters to boot. They Place you on their Top shelf, while Putting Other People or Things on their 'Top' Priority list, a lot of times making you feel like chop liver, even Sticking you on their Pay no mind list. However, I am Not seeing That in your case so far, sweetie.
    If you are even hearing from 'MAYBE once a day,' Along with a logical explanation that is most likely true, Then relax, don't sweat it. He is Not kicking you aside like an old rusty can, and in between his busy schedule, he Still manages to push a few buttons on his end to know he's still Alive, Still around, and that you're Being a 'Sweetheart' in his book for Putting up with his 'Crazy hours right now.'
    I don't detect anything that sends me mixed signals that you're Being 'Friend zoned' in the least. But if you were Anything but 'Understanding,' he May have said "Thanks a lot, you're a real honey.'
    You're still in the game, girl. Don't over think it. If it was 'Anything' but This in my eyes, I would be the First to let You know that he is far From------Interested.
    It sounds to me as though you are still in the running to be his sweet tart, no sour balls here.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you!! I know I over think things but I'm a girl, I can't help but to over think! Lol your advice makes me feel so much better!!! :)

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    • Thank you!!

    • You're so welcome, sweetie.. xxoo

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  • Men usually never use words like 'sweetheart', or say those things to a girl they have friendzoned. Its just the girls who usually don't know where to draw the line between being 'interested romantically' and being 'super friendly', and end up shattering guys' hopes.

    So no, you're obviously NOT in the friend-zone!


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