Woul a very shy guy ignore/avoid a girl he likes?

He is 19 and never had gf. He knows how i feel for him, since i texted him and said straight, but the only his answer was: :3 umm. The point is, that he agreed to meet, but all the time he finds a reason not to see ex. busy. he even said to me that he is shy. But why not to try? what to do? wait? i think it would last for ages. I can't see him face to face thats the problem.
maybe somebody was in similar situation?


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  • I've been shy but that was when I was younger I was a virgin till I was 19 and I was a shy guy at first and I will admit it's hard and sometimes you think a girl is too good for you and you avoid them, but if a girl actually told me she liked me and wanted to meet I would be all for it and do it right away so I am not too sure what to say to this.

    If you can't see him face to face than there's a problem for sure and I wouldn't go any further until that could happen.

    Have you ever met him btw?

    But I wouldn't wait around for long if your really interested and have told him already and he keeps finding a reason to avoid you as you believe tell him how you feel than and if he doesn't want to actually try than move on because maybe he's just not ready yet.

    • yes i know him, we are good friends.
      Maybe you are right he is not read y now. I just dont want to push him now by calling him, so i will wait some and will see what happens

    • It's hard to say because everyone is different, I been in the position sure but even as a shy guy once the girl showed she liked me my confidence went up a lot and I normally at least wanted to meet her. So the only thing I could think of is yeah maybe he's not ready. I wouldn't stress him over it since as you said your good friends and it's better to not ruin the friendship for all you know maybe that's whats on his mind he doesn't want to ruin anything that rarely happens but yeah.

      I would just wait and try to meet or get a date going if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen, you tried your best and can't blame yourself.

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  • Hell, yeah, I'm shy and there's been girls that have done everything except kidnap me and I still avoid them. I found out that I am not comfortable with intimacy and dealing with those type of emotions.


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