Please help? What should I do?

Ok my phone got stolen and found out is was my friend. Me and my parents found out he had purchase many different apps including like grindr or something. He used my pics to create a fake profile of me. He was talking to people and tell them where I live. It was a gay site. He was talking to this dude that lives 3 doors up from me. It happen about 5 months ago. So me and my parents decided to go back on that app and tell people what happen. So we told the dude that lives 3 doors up and he never responded back. What do we do. Do you think he got the message or what. please Help no rude comments


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  • 1st off that's pretty jacked up what your so-called friend did.
    The guy may have gotten it if he still has the app/a part of the site. If not, you can mail him about it. You didn't say that he's tried to contact you with after you tried correcting the situation, so you could decide not to say anything further.


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