Feeling let down by a friend?

He hasn't really done anything to me but he broke up with his girlfriend and said he felt awful about it but within weeks he's seeing someone new who's sort of his friend with benefits but it's so soon and he claimed he didn't want anything like that for a while. I really thought he was better than
Also, he told other people way before me and despite asking me about my life and if I like anyone when I ask about it he just jokes that I am being nosey in order to not talk about this new girl. Very odd.


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  • But why does his personal life bother you so much?

    • I dunno, it didn't bother me that much but I didn't like how he would tell his other mates things and not me. I also just thought he was a better person than what he has done.

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  • what I'm hearing is you might be interested in him and that is why it bothers you...

    • No I am not gay. I just thought he wouldn't treat people like that.

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