Is this too interfering?

Well, my friend who is kinda close to me, we talked about different things and lately I talked to her about a certain situation where I'm kind of happy that someone has came back from the past, and she didn't even have the slightest idea about it, but she seemed like she wants to know how the guy looks like, well I'm the type who'll keep things to myself and not be open about guys I'm involved with and such. But she was like, can I see his pic on FB so I just let her and she was like , ok I will CLICK LIKE on his page so that she can see the pics. Like duh, she can just see it through my FB page without even searching the guy I told him about, and she's like interfering and have no respect. She just click the Like button. I'm not saying I'm being selfish but I just don't want that whatever I talk about she would also get to be part of it, I didn't even try to interfere about her guys or whatever.

Do you think what she did is good or not at all?

yes but it's hard to just say it to her face like that, I was just speechless where she act like she's the excited one. She can't just have respect or anything. She's the most different person I've known from all of my friends. sighh


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  • You shouldn't really be getting bothered by this, although it is a bit nosy i'm sure she wasn't being malicious with her intentions. If it really bothers you just say it to her face and explain how you like to keep things like that private.

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