What should I think about this situation I'm really upset?

OK there's this guy at work who we have been flirting and he said he was interested. So I stepped it up a little and we were alone and I started unbottoming my shirt and he got excited. I coulx tell he was nervous and he totally didn't expect it. He was smart and give it to him for thinking with the right head so he said we would wait cus he said he would hate for us to lose our jobs for sex. I asked him if he wanted it and he has told me over and over he does, not doubt about it etc. So one night I started unbottoming my shirt exposing a sexy bra and started to bit his neck. He stopped me and ( i thought maybe i smelt like cigerattes and turned him off at first but it wasn't that) wanted to continue later but the options I gave him (we can get a room for a couple if hours cus I didn't want to invite myself over his house) but he wanted to come over to my house and that's not an option cus my brother moved in my son sleeps in my room. So than I got upset cus we there was a coulpe of times in the past we were going to meet up but he had a babysitter but i didnt. And he invited me over but he didn't want to drive me home and I don't drive. I don't like spending the night and if that happens I usually slipt before they wake up. Idk. So I got really upset and while we were talking I kept saying 'OK whatever like it will happen when it happens' but than he kept saying 'why do you keep saying whatever? I want to take my time but I don't want to pay for a room. It will happen.' I'm just frustrated and I don't know how I should take it cus he kept getting upset with me every time I would say 'OK whatever'

I found out he was lying to me. I texted him a picture of my sexy bra and his "wife" calls me/ texts me. I sent the text on purpose cus I firgued he was still with his gf. I tried to play it off but I'll make make sure I'll tell him what a dick he is


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  • How about each of you split the cost of the room? If he's not into that, he's cheap!

    • That's what I said but he kept asking me to come to my house. N I know he has his financial shit together so I know it wouldn't turn out to be him moving in. But one thing he said he didn't have condoms (ok we can get some) and we could do the whole pull out but he didn't want me walking into work saying I got knocked up by him. Like joke n I was like don't worry I'm not looking to get pregnant.

      At the same time I feel as though he is playing the situation out to see what I want out of this but idk! !!!

    • Well unless he's hiding something you've made it pretty obvious what you want. You've stated your terms so it's up to him now to go through it. Just make sure he isn't hiding something (like a wife or girlfriend)

  • All this for sex alone, haha... did you say you have a son, mmm : ) ?
    I feel so grateful that I was gifted with such a strong woman as a mother.

    • Yea and he has 2 boys. We have always talked about our kids and show pictures. I've just come to the conclusion he is with someone and he isn't being honest. I would have more respect for him if he was like 'yea I do want to hit it but I'm in a relationship right. Sorry.' I'd honestly be like that's cool I get it. How hard is it?

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    • I'll be 30 and he' ll be 31
      My son is going to be 4 next month and his kids are going to be 2 and 6 (or 5 I forget but close)

    • Oh alright, that's cool then. That's cool. Why not try and date a guy who who is upfront and wants a relationship?

      People really are waiting longer to get married if they even do get married.

      My parents were married at 25, they had their first child when they were 31 then their second child was me 😊 when they were 32, and that was 19 years ago, jeezemcrows!

      I plan to follow in their foot steps.

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