Should I text him again? Please help me decide because I am in doubt!?

I met this guy a while ago, we have a couple of friends in common so we see each other once in a while. He has flirted with me and we have also texted (he asked for my number) and he was really flirty in those texts. Those really flirty texts were a month ago, and after that I have seen him twice. When we are together he seems really attentive of me and I catch him looking at me, though it seems a bit awkward between us at times as well.. The thing is though, he never texts me first, though he does respond immediately when I text him, and then asks me all kinds of questions. It has been two weeks now without any text from him. I know he works A LOT (like 60 hours), but still, I feel like he would text me if he is interested? Should I text him again?

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we have only met when we are together with friends by the way! We were alone one time, and he did tell me he actually hoped that something would have happened between us that time we were alone.. (but that was one month ago)


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  • Yes. He probably is shy and was getting mixed signals from you. I stop texting girls I like for long periods of time if I feel I am being annoying and clingy.

    • mhh I think I did flirt back with him in the texts quite clearly.. could be I show mixed signals when I meet him in person though, but that's mainly because I am shy. I don't start talking to him in person most of the time, it is the other way around (though he doesn't really start conversations, but just says random things to me, or reacts when I say something funny in general)..

  • if you think he doesn't care, dont text him for a day, see if he doesn't text you back, if he texte you that just means your the one he is used to talking first though this might make him upset because he is so used to you engaging the conversation, so he might just not have the nerve to send the "hey whats up" text,

    • I haven't texted him for two weeks now.. I sent him one text after those flirty texts and saw him twice afterwards.. You think that if he always texts back that could mean he is interested?

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    • ok thanks! :)

    • not a problem, glad i can help

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