What are some of the walls that you put up to avoid getting hurt and how would you like the other person to break through them?

All in the question title. What are your walls and how does one bust through them?


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  • I dont really act nice to them. I've been hurt and betrayed and used before just because I was nice. I ain't going back to that again. It sent me to depression. I kind of act like "you dont mess with me or I'll scratch your eyes out" kind-of-way. I know some people won't agree with what I'm saying, but that's how I cope. If I want someone to break down my walls, a nice strong warm hug would probably do it. I haven't had those in a long time... also someone who is actually willing to listen instead of making me say sorry would be nice for once too. Maybe someone to wipe my tears would be great too. But that's just ol' silly me.


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  • If I start to like someone too much I start to initiate conversation less.


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