So why is it that the girls I'm attracted to never show interest back?

This has been a problem that I've had for a very long time. Could I just have too high standards? I mean, they certainly are not low but I don't only want a supermodel gf either. Should I just accept that cute girls want better looking guys that have more in looks than I have to offer? This applies to online dating sites like Tinder as well as real life. I'm 21, never had anybody show interest. I used to think I looked pretty alright but now I feel like I'm not what girls want.

Also gonna post an imgur link with a few other pics:

Please be honest, what am I doing wrong?
I recently did shave and am mostly clean shaven. And thanks! Means a lot


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  • maybe you're just showing interest in the wrong girls? you said you want to be physically attracted but what about being attracted to her personality too? & really dont change your look to just impress a girl , yeah you can clean up but if a girl doesn't like you for you, then she ain't the girl! :)

    • That's what I'm starting to wonder. I mainly care about personality, I should have said that in my post. But I also want a girl I find attractive as well so should I just have low standards instead?

    • there's nothing wrong with thinking like that! there are girls out there with amazing personalities and very attractive , you just need to find the correct ones :) you shouldn't really need to worry about standards, once you meet a girl , there really isn't such thing as standards! if you two get along well then you're all g :) ahah

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  • you're a cutie patooty
    there's nothing wrong with you
    you're fine
    I like your hair and eyes
    maybe you should shave off your stubbles

    could it be your fashion sense? post an ootd or something

  • It's not all about looks, you know. Have you ever talked to them? Also, another thing to consider: YOU may not be the problem. You look fine to me, honestly. Your girl is out there waiting for you, so just keep looking :)

  • You're good looking, in your pics you should try smiling more, dress up a little more. And style your hair a bit. 😊 Other than you're perfect. 😘


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  • Don't focus on looks bro, you won't ever find lasting satisfaction if you rely on women with great looks, Focus on the personality and you can't go wrong

    • I care about personality the most but I would like to be with a girl that I find physically attractive as well. All my friends can get cute girls. Are they just superior to me or something?

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    • There are a lot of pretty girls on this site and they seem to ignore my question when I ask it, when in reality I just want the cold hard truth as to why they don't find me appealing enough.

    • if you want me to answer that I will, Its possible it could be your insecurity about yourself you just need to be yourself. If you knew your life story I could answer you better, but that would take years to tell me.

  • What you need to realize is that you lack experience, how will you win a race against a pro athletic? Girls usually have more social interaction equal social skills.

    How do you compete with someone improving passively, everyone gets to a point where they can't improve further. So all you need to do is go out and socialist to improve yourself. Don't ever measures your success against someone else life, improve for yourself. Your friends won't be there forever, soon they will be married and have there own life. It's better to know how to get something now then be put in a situation where it's all or nothing. Example girl of your dreams walks by you.

    Learn to be a natural

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