My Boyfriend Wants Me To Say I Love You?

My Boyfriend Keep Pushing Me To Say "I Love You." When He Say It To Me I Say It Back, But Its Just Awkward to Me. We Dated For A Year And 4 Months But Im Still Uncomfortable With Saying It. (im Not A Lovey Dovey Girl). He Never Wants To look At It From My Point Of View Just His Own. He Dosnt Care That Im Uncomfortable With Saying It. All he Cares About Is Me Saying It First To him. Is He Right When he Said I Should Be Saying It or Should i Wait Until Im Comfortable With Saying It?


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  • To be honest I think you should be comfortable saying it. And I also think that he shouldn't force you or make you say it. He should give you more time and space to say it and not be so forceful about it. I would weather have a girl who meant it and say it to me then have her say it and not mean it in her own way. It takes the magic out of it.


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