What does a "serious" relationhip mean to you? And is that different from "relationship"?

Can you expand on what serious means to you

Seems you can have a relationship that's beyond dating but not yet serious. True or false


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  • Well, beyond dating meaning exclusively dating, but not going anywhere permanent? Because I'd call "exclusive" to be going out/dating.

    Serious is someone you're on track to get married to, or to make a family with.

    Casual dating, seeing someone is non-exclusive but maybe/probably fucking. Usually headed straight towards dating (if it's me). I don't stay in the casual zone, and I don't accept being put there by a woman for long... if she's not ready to get more serious (like dating), then it's (usually) time for me to quit wasting my time on her. I can accept that there's a getting to know you period, and that's cool and everything - but I'm not doing that for months and months without some damn good reasons.


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