We've been dating for a week but he isn't all over me?

im dating a guy who I've been close friends with... he has known for a while that i like him a lot but only asked me to be his girlfiend like a week ago. so i had my doubts cause he took too long.

now he comes to my place everyday but he isn't holding me or kissing me. he doesn't sit near me an awful lot. i just feel like maybe he doesn't really want me. i just feel like its too early to be having "off days"

what could be other reasons?

(he was my first kiss and im 22 and a virgin)


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  • May be he just struggling to hold his desire (want more than just a kiss), thats why he avoid further physical contact later.. best way is to directly ask him about this, tell him how u feel

  • He may just be trying to be respectful. If you want that closeness, just initiate so that he knows its ok. He will more than likely start giving you what you want/need.


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