Have you ever regretted rejecting someone (guys/girls)? Any stories?

Just curious.
A few years ago, this beautiful girl liked me. I found out through her friends, as you do in high school. I was too shy to ask her out and I really wasn't sure if she was serious because at the time she was orders of magnitude more attractive than I was. Eventually she asked me out and I was so nervous that I said no, I literally don't know why or how, I just did. I regretted it the second the words left my mouth.

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  • I had such story. In high school one handsome and a little shy boy liked me. He was crazy about me, i felt this from his every single look, stare, talk with me. One day he decided to be sincere with me, but i was tired of him and acted him in a little rude way, although i liked him too. i regret this everytime, not because i lost potential boyfriend, but because i lost great person for friendship

    • Yeah.. Sincere boys are hard to find in this world...

    • Yes i know and it is only thing that i regret about rejecting someone

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  • nah i have no regrets as to whom i reject. if the thought even enters my mind, there's always a legitimate reason for it, as i'm not one to easily let go of a relationship.


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  • When i was in 8th grade 2 girls proposed me and in 10th 1 girl now i regret coz i m in 12th grade and never had gf

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