Are you a continuous serial dater but also unintentional?

A lot of times when I date women, I date a few at a time. Not because I'm a player, but because I like to screen who's good for a potential long term relationship and not to mention you can't expect a relationship in the early stages or even know what's going to happen.

Anyways, over the past year I have met 10 girls off dating sites. It seems that I can get a girl initially attracted but after a date or two, they flake. Honestly it scares me because it makes me wonder what mistakes I'm making or what red flags I'm displaying but I don't know what they are or don't realize it. It's not even like I'm getting an explanation.

I'm aware that there's plenty of other girls out there but if I keep having them flake or lose interest after a date or two then I must be doing something wrong. It's even worse when it's somebody I have a lot in common with and feel a connection to. I get told how I'm a nice guy but that worries me too because I don't go around announcing I'm a nice guy or do nice things only to expect stuff in return.

Anyone else have the same issue?


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  • i feel like that too, but it a little unintentional. i feel like guys only like me when i have a boyfriend and never when i dont, so all these guys will come up to me when Ihave a boyfriend so I take the bait.

    • I guess that works with both genders then. Girls seem to want guys when they have others interested in them as opposed to no one else being interested in them.

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