Will she come back at some point?

So I met this girl about 2 months ago and we clicked almost instantly. We would talk all the time via texts, phone calls, Skype etc. I've only met her twice. Our first meeting was just a date. We kissed, held hands, hugged etc. On our second meeting she invited me over to her house. And we ended up having sex (it wasn't intentional but it just happened). It was my first time. Before that she used to tell me she wanted to take everything slow because every guy she dated before just used her for sex. She told me I was the only one who wasn't after sex and wanted something more and that I made her realise she needs to dress better (cover legs, arms etc), appreciate small things more and not to get too caught up in negativity. But one night we were having a Skype call and we got into this convo about the guys she'd slept with in the past. She told me she's still friends with a few of them. That really upset me. We had a big argument about it. I asked her if she still wanted to see him again. We were gonna meet after a couple of days. She said she's not sure. After that I became all emotional and clingy because she stopped talking to me and I missed her. I started telling her how I miss talking to her. And told her I have strong feelings for me and I thought she liked me quite a lot too. She ignored me for 2 weeks. I know she does care about me but still kept ignoring me. I text saying I'll move one and she said "I'm sorry I've been mean to you and pushed you away. I just got scared. Can we talk again tomorrow?"
Yesterday we had a phone call. She said I deserve much better than her and she told me she doesn't like me anymore (She does). But eventually she ended up breaking my heart. I asked her to block me everywhere so I can't contact her again. First she said she can't do that but she just deleted me from fb, didn't block me.

Does she need some space? What should I do? Leave her alone and see if she comes back? Please dont say something like 'move on' and stuff.


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  • It doesn't really sound like she knows what she wants to be honest. She may still like the life of talking to the boys that supposedly only like her for sex, because she likes the way they make her feel in the way of attention and that. The chances are she really does like you, and the reason she's blown you off for now is because she knows you'll still be there if or when she changes her mind about talking with other boys. If she's interested she'll come back to you, don't text or ring her a lot... but there's nothing wrong with trying to get in contact in a few week if she hasn't.

    • Well that night when I text her, she said she has decided not to talk to and see those guys again. And that was because of a few things I said to her. But the thing is, if she really does like me, why did she tell me she doesn't like me anymore?

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    • I've done it before, it's because you do really like getting the attention from elsewhere, BUT you do like the person you're rejecting. Luckily I saw sense in my mistakes, so she may do the same.

    • I hope so! But thank you for your answers :)
      Really helped me

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  • Okay quite honestly I think this girl needs to figure out her own life.. she needs to realize her own self worth and that she doesn't need a man.. for happiness or anything. When she gets that under control she'll be ready to be in a healthy relationship.

    The same goes for you, pal
    Take some time away from dating to realize how awesome you are. Take a taekwondo class or something. Raise your own self esteem. and then try to get back with her

    I'm not saying give up. Just both of you need to take some time to just make yourselves happy. Be happy without each other so you can be happier together ^-^

    • Thanks. Your answer makes sense. I have a rather exciting life to be honest. In fact, it was awesome until I had problems with this girl. And now, nothing gets her out of my f*****g head hahaha! It's not that I have to be in a relationship to be happy. I've been single for over 2 years and I was loving it. But then this woman came in and changed everything.

      What do I do now? Stop contacting her and wait for her text?

    • Yes. Exactly that. If she wants to be wit you she'll say it and if not then you're worth so Much more. ^-^

  • Definitely give her, her space. You are very different from the other guys she has been with, and it freaks her out that she may have a chance/ an opportunity to date a man who cares about her. That is frightening. She wants Togo with what's comfortable and less complicated. My friend, you might just have to give her some time to think about her choices. But trust me, you don't want to be with someone who outs you as an option, she was your first, You will always know that, and hold onto that. But seek a woman, who is seeking you.

    • I know what you are trying to say. But what should I do now? Wait for contact me? Do you think she will?

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  • Thank you for quelling my fears. I'm i'm the exact same boat right now with a girl I like except she has a lot of guy friends. Had a fight with me saying something stupid. took her a month for her to talk to me as friends.

    If she likes you she will come back. Trust me. I accidentally told my friend who had invited me out to hang with her that we don't have to hang out that much if she doesn't want to. since she looked bored. but she was just tired and my mouth was on autopilot. she was hurt ofc. she likes me a lot but isn't attracted to me but every now and then I'll see something. So have hope in that it will work out. Time heals all wounds.

    • That's true bro. I don't know why girls don't understand this. They think we're insecure and jealous. But it's all down to how much we care for them. The same is with this girl. I hate the thought of her talking to other guys :/
      But yeah, I am gonna wait for her. If it's meant to be, it'll find its way. All the best to you with your girl. I hope she'll be craving your love in attention in no time ;)