I don't understand this guy... Please help!?

Me and this guy have been talking for a very short while... maybe three weeks. That being said, he told me he's been busy with work lately. I completely understand that. But he literally sends me "I hope you had a great day" every night. BUT, that's all I hear from him the entire day. He did tell me recently that he is still interested in me and he apologizes that he doesn't get to talk to me more right now but that he's drowning with work. He does attach little emoji's with the kissy face and all that but I'm just wondering if he sounds legit or if he sounds like he's only talking to me "enough" to keep me around?


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  • Chances are he does have a lot on, it would be slightly overbearing to expect to hear from him every single day. It really does sound like he's interested, but it's only been three weeks you need to just chill out and go with the flow :)


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  • Maybe he is looking for more interest from you and simply isn't sure if you like him, or want to be asked out. This may be why he is "on the fence" with you.

    • I try to ask him about his day often and make small talk. And he told me he apologizes that he can't talk more than what he is. I'm not saying the guy is lying. I don't know that for sure. BUT, there has to be more than once a day when he can talk. Lol I'm not trying to look crazy but, I just feel like he is avoiding talking to me, so he's only talking to me just enough... I don't know! LOL

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    • I would say something like, " I can tell by your limited responses you don't have much time to reply right now. Maybe we can get together for super this weekend and talk when we have more time?"

    • Thanks for you help!

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