I like a boy he my friend and he has a gf. I some time wish life would move so much faster he nice kind and he will listen to me and im 14 he 15?

I like my friend but he has a girlfriend. He listen to me he like a best friend. People tell me im fat and won't get a boyfriend. It make me sad because i know that im not fat and i will get a boyfriend some time in my life. I like some others boy to but they don't like me. When i was living in Atlanta i felt popular and had 20 friends when I moved I lost all but one friend i only have 6 friends now what do I do about liking my best friend he a nice guy and friend to have to me he cute. And it doesn't bother me if people call me fat I was a size 3x now in 18 p and im 5 ft how do i get a boy to like me mostly him i need some help so can y'all help...
:) me and him text on fb and on the cell he know where i live and i know where he live and he seen me cry. basically im ask y'all to help me get a boyfriend one year ago on Valentine's day was the day I met him he had a girlfriend thin she move so now he got a new girlfriend
some time it like im not here on earth because no one wants to talk to me besides my mom and dad. so how will i get a boy to like are go out with me...

I need some advice on how to get a boyfriend are a boy to like me...


PS. i haven't had a boy friend im 14 i have: blue eye, brown blondish hair and home school how can i get him to like me___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ how do i get him to like me :) :) :) ;) all i need is help on how to get him to like me...


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  • flirt with him. this is what everybody tells me. i have no idea how to flirt cause i never had friends let alone boyfriend.

    • i do flirt but it helped some not much he smileat me now that all

    • can you correct some of the grammars please because i can't understand what you're saying?