What kind of girls do nerdy (or the kind described below) like?

I happen to find guys that are tall, who wear the nerdy glasses, and plaid shirts to be extremely attractive. Or they wear the cute beanies. I've met a few on campus, but I was always afraid they'd reject me or would feel awkward if I spoke to them.

So what do I say to them or what kind of girls do they like?

Or hipstery, or geeky.


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  • As has been pointed out, that would be a hipster. If you are going after 'extremely attractive' hipsters, then you need to first of all be 'extremely attractive' yourself. This goes for pretty much any peer group. If you want to find an extremely attractive surfer, be an extremely attractive beachgirl. Same thing here.

    So, first, be very attractive. Second, don't be 'typical'. If you are going for a hipster, the worst thing you can be is common. Don't follow trends, unless they are established hipster trends. Don't point out how hypocritical it is that hipsters claim to hate trends and then all go and follow the same anti-trend trend.

    They usually favour personal choice pretty strongly, so lean left politically. But they usually are surprisingly well-off financially, so maybe don't lean too far left economically. Social liberal some a bit of financial conservatism probably fits fairly well. You'll want to support things like 'ethical coffee', they are usually very supportive of ethical and moral activism, so don't let your 'economic conservatism' make you too big business, or you'll lose massive points.

    You will need to come across as cool, and interesting. You will want a hobby or two that is very eccentric, you know, something like knitting leg warmers for the local polo team's horses so they don't get cold in the winter. You will want to be creative.

    Most important: you need to be legitimate. They can smell 'fakers', and they detest them. That kind of goes against everything.


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  • As a nerd I value intelligence, loyalty, and a girl who likes to play video games with me and have fun conversations and debates on various nerdy topics. Of course I am sure a lot of secluded nerds just want to release their inner animal and make crazy love to the hottest girl they can find :p

  • You my lady, are describing a hipster, not a nerd guy.

    • Okay, well a hipster guy.

    • I'm not a hipster myself, so I can't really tell you want a hipster guy really wants. Just act like yourself, be happy, fun, and any guy will like you, doesn't matter if he is a hipster, a nerd, a rapper...
      Like yourself and others will like you.

  • Want a nerd? Show intelligence.
    Want a hipster? Act pretentious.


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  • As previously stated, and I speak for the nerds and geeks, that's a hipster.

    If you see one eating lunch, just ask if you can sit with them. If you see a wild hipster in class, challenge it to a poker on battle and capture it...

    Oh lols... actually if you see one in class just ask if you could have homework help or something.

  • That's not nerdy, that's hipster, possibly geeky.

    • Well I mean hipstery, or geeky.

  • Be yourself homie. If he like you for you then its all good. If not move on.