How is adult dating (after or not in high school or college) differ from teen dating (high school/college)?

Did your approach change once you left school and began dating on your own or was it the same?


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  • Welp, in high school, little boys still like to fuck around and toy with emotions. Haha

    • I didn't, that's actually kind of offensive in a way to me. I treated women with respect and never toyed with them.

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    • Bro. I said no offense to you, about my previous statement xD up there ^^^

    • Oh alright then girl, : )

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  • because most the time she males are expecting more out of you like any day as in high school then you know going to like the skating ring or McDonalds is cool but in adult life you can't take it you can take a girl to McDonalds they know that it's not a proper place for a date the expect more out of you

  • You begin to see, as opposed to only dating someone because they're attractive, your personalities match, and you like being around... you add the factors of "Do I see myself getting married to this person?" or "Is this person suitable to be the father/mother of my children?" if those certain situations are applicable toward you. Otherwise, it's questions such as "Can I see myself with this person for years on years?"


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  • I wouldn't imagine it changes, except that you might have the mindset of getting married soon