Goin on my first date ever any tips ladies?

ok first we goin to movies then my place to hangout any tips to make it good?


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  • Inform her that you have micro-penis. Then she'll think it's huge.

    • thanks im geussing this is from experiance?

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    • I'm just surprised that actually works.

    • lmao it did thanks i was like oh i got a micro penis and she was like lets see and then i was like lemme see smthin first and it just happened lol

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  • Don't push for intercorse, or heavy make-out/petting sessions if it's starts don't finish, you want her to know you like her for her and you respect her and don't want to move fast.

    Don't talk about your ex (s) unless asked and don't go on and on about them

    Try to find common ground to talk about, then branch out and see if there are some other things you guys have in common

    enjoy yourself and be you

  • Don't talk about your ex unless asked and even if asked talk very little about the ex
    Don't be too touchy and don't check out other women in front of her
    Be a gentleman and hold doors, pull out her seat , etc :) it's sweet
    Be yourself don't put up a front

    if you want you can inbox me certain questions you have about first dates i dont mind answering :)

  • Prepare some conversation topics and stories in advance to avoid any awkward silences


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  • Wear deodorant so you can put your arm around her without her spelling your armpits