I am happy with myself but I would like to go on (my first) a date. Is there a reason that no guy has asked me out on a date?

I have a very bubbly and mellow personality at the same time. I get solid straight A's, but I'm only a little athletic (but I'm not fat) and I am small. I thought that I might have a not-so-good personality but most people I ask (close friends and acquaintances) say I am very lovable. Am I sending out bad signals or something? Or am I just an anti-date magnet that repels boys from asking me out? I do let on that I am single - lots of eye contact, shoulder touching, playful joking, etc. Is there something wrong with me?


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  • maybe you should try asking a guy out to get the ball rolling if you have a crush on a guy thats available


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  • Sounds like you're doing all the right things, some guys are just too shy and still don't get the hints, or maybe they think you act like that with every guy and don't see it as flirting.

  • Too gorgeous so guys are scared to ask you out. It's a simple answer, nothing is wrong on your side.


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