Not sure what changed.. should I text him?

A little about myself, I'm 24 and would say I'm a good looking girl, successful, fun, faithful, happy, have my own hobbies, and I think I'm funny :D. I live too far from friends to go out so I did a 3 day free trial on match. Met a guy who just moved to my town and doesn't know anyone and told him I only had it for the trial and to add me on fb and he did. We were talking on and off every day for a week and we could already tell the chemistry was there. We went on a date Friday and had an incredible time, then Saturday he invited me to his place for movies and that night was even better. He seemed shocked everytime we realized we had something in common and he would just stare at me and smile. We both agreed the connection was incredible. He told me that night that he liked me and of course I said the same. We cuddled the whole night and even though things steamed up we didn't have sex. The next day we hung out until I had to leave and even then he was sad to see me go. He mentioned he was going to work a lot this week and I know he goes to the gym a lot. I should mention that even though I think he's extremely attractive, he still seems self conscious about his body bc he used to be a little bigger. I also noticed from a friends profile that my match says I've been active in the last 5 days but I haven't and I saw he has been. Since Sunday we've only texted a few times, but naturally as a girl who overthinks everything, I'm wondering if something in his head changed. His name also shows up on fb chat. I haven't texted him since Monday and it was a good tone. I sent a snapchat Tuesday and he hasn't looked at it but I don't think he really uses it. Should I text him tomorrow nonchalantly asking about a song or video he showed me or maybe hey! how's your week? Or let him come to me? Don't want to push him but also don't want him to think I don't care. Thanks!


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  • Text him. I'd go for the 'how was your week' approach.

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