Does he want to be exclusive? What would keep a guy from asking to be exclusive?

So a guy I'm dating and I were flirting around, and his shirt was off and he said "ur the only one that I let see my shirt off" after talking getting a tattoo on his chest.

Do you think this means that he wants to be exclusive?

We've been going out for about 2 weeks now. It may be kinda soon to be boyfriend/girlfriend but I think I'd like to be exclusive in the sense that we both aren't dating other people. We've spent almost every other day together, and he's made comments about buying me a nice dinner, and going places, and how he thinks i'm beautiful (while just normal).

Should I wait for him to bring it up, or should I come out and ask? I don't want to scare him off because I really like him.


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  • Go on and ask him


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  • If you want to be exclusive, just ask. No harm in asking.