Guys, how do you feel when you first kiss a girl or hold her hand?

How does it feel to call a girl your girlfriend? To call her yours and to be in love with her?


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  • Every first usually makes my heart race and then I get a little excited down there.


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  • Well usually my heart starts to beat faster, and I feel exhilarated

    • I feel that way too! It's an incredible feeling :D

    • wanna feel it together ohhhhhh, haha Im just kidding haven't felt that feeling for awhile though

  • "OMG!!! We are touching!!! (Butterflies). IS THIS REALLY HAPPENInG? WOW! OMG! I am so in_love."
    That's how it was. At least the first time. ( sigh). Young love. Where did you go?

    • Ah, i say you're still young. It will come back :) didn't think guys got butterflies hahah

    • I know im young. But I already miss my younger years. Yeah, guys get butterflies.

  • It felt like my life made lot of sense, but now those days are over. So yeah, it felt great, knowing there was soomeone who cared about you. Oh wells...

    • Aaww, I'm sorry. Im sure. one day you will feel those emotions again, maybe even more :)

    • Yeah I hope.. If I survive by then.. :)

  • Unfortunately I have no idea - sorry, that's a fairly useless answer.

    • well thank you for spending your time to at least type something :)

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