Is it a bad idea to approach a girl who is talking with girlfriends or seems busy with them?

When i see a cute girl and want to ask for her number.. sometimes she is with a bunch of girlfriends.. Would this be awkward to her? Or she wouldn't care if her friends are listening to me ask for her number?

I just dont want to interrupt her :p


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  • get your friends to distract her friends

    • Lol, so key is to have her alone then.. No approaching if she is kinda busy

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    • it is but you should do it alone

    • Ok ok, thank you for ur input!

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  • I would say that it's not the greatest idea because her friends may distract you with their incessant giggling and stares. You may feel more pressure and this just creates an awkward situation. I, however, think it's very bold when a guy approaches me while I'm with my friends. This is a good thing. What I'm saying is that it may be very uncomfortable for YOU.

  • it would be awkward. some of us don't know how to handle these things when it happens. and if we do know how, we're not so sure if our friends would be able to "behave". if she's cute, go for it. and her reaction will tell you if she's worth the shot or not.


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