I'm moving but still want to fool around no strings attached. How to ask him?

So I let a guy a few weeks ago and we've gone on a couple dates. Both great. Well sort of suddenly I'll be moving home with my parents, a few hours north of here with in the next month. I want to keep hanging out, nothing serious and no strings attached. He already said he doesn't want anything serious.

How do I ask him/tell him I'm moving but still want to keep hanging out to honestly be able cuddle, fool around and chill together? What should I say in person versus over text?


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  • First, say it in PERSON, not text!

    Second, say it just like you did here. You're still interested in no strings attached. Being a few hours away though, just be aware he'll probably be getting others on the side too.

    • Oh ya, like once I move if we don't ever talk again, then we don't ever talk again. That's sort of the reality of the situation. I'm more interested in the no strings attached thing while I'm still here in the city

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