Thoughts about loving someone you never physically met?

Used Skype and texting/calling.
Just looking for opinions, because I think I have.


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  • It's important in such situation to have as soon as possible to meet in real


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  • use to date a girl I met online, didn't even meet her in real life even tho I planned to go see her she lives in Romania, and I live in America so it didn't really work out


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  • I'll be frank.

    This happened to me. I was crazy about him. We meshed on a deep level, and were able to have endless conversations. After a year and a half we met.

    I can't hide that I was disappointed. Skype and photos were not true to his appearance. Still, I put that aside because of his personality.

    We dated for about 5 months. The reality was that the connection that was there online wasn't there in real life. I forced it, but I couldn't pretend that we could work beyond friendship.

    • how can Skype not be true to his appearance? Genuine question, I'm curious.

    • thanks! thats what i'm really afraid of, he lives pretty far away and we've been talking almost constantly for a year now

    • Flattering angles, dimensions appeared different, etc. I don't really know @Levin lol.

      @ Asker just he prepared for possible disappointment

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